Charitable Activities

Ongoing Club activities include:

  • Used Eye glass collections at following locations:

Rockville Library                            ♦ 21 Maryland Ave.
Love Your Eyes                               ♦ 6 Grand Corner Ave. Washingtonian Center
Pike Station Post Office                ♦ Rollins Ave. West of Rockville Pike
Colonial Opticians                         ♦ 1776 East Jefferson St.
Ring Bldg.                                        ♦ 1801 East Jefferson St.
Hour Eyes                                        ♦ 11802-B Rockville Pike
TLC Laser Eye Center                   ♦ 11200 Rockville Pike
Twinbrook Post Office                  ♦ 2001 Viers Mill Rd. Rockville
Twinbrook Library                        ♦ 202 Meadow Hall Dr. Rockville
Davis Library                                  ♦ 6400 Democracy Blvd. Bethesda
Colonial Opticians (Bethesda)    ♦ 4942 St. Elmo Ave. Bethesda
Colonial Opticians (Potomac)     ♦ 10130-A River Rd.
My Eye Dr.                                      ♦ 14929 Shady Grove Rd
Executive Office Bldg.                  ♦ 101 Monroe St. Rockville
Lasik Plus                                       ♦ 9850 Key West

  • Free vision, hearing & glaucoma screening
  • Purchase of eye glasses and eye care, vision testing for those in need
  • Blood drives
  • Scholarship to Montgomery College students
  • Sponsorship of Cub Scouts and baseball teams in the Rockville City Youth League
  •  Sponsorship of Leos Clubs
  • Contributions to the Lions Vision Research Foundation, supporting the Lions Vision Center at the Wilmer   Eye Institute
  • Support of Lions Camp Merrick in Nanjemoy, Maryland
  •  Many others